Yes, you can use Unsplash photos as part of a product you sell. For example, using an Unsplash photo on a website that sells a product or service is fine.

However you cannot sell an Unsplash photographer’s photo without first updating, modifying, or otherwise incorporating new creative elements into the photos. This includes selling the photos as prints or printed on physical goods and NFTs.

As of March 18th, 2019, our Terms of Service restrict the sale of all Unsplash photos.

Under section 8G, Prohibited Conduct, by using the service you agree not to:

Sell copies of Photos without first significantly or meaningfully updating, modifying, or otherwise incorporating new creative elements into the Photos beyond simple retouches, resizing, or other minimal changes so long as they are not done by automated means (i.e., selling unaltered, slightly altered, or altered by automatic script copies of the Photos), including selling them as prints or printed on physical goods;

If you are going to sell a photo from Unsplash, you need to first meaningfully update, modify, or otherwise incorporate new creative elements into the Photo. Simple retouches, resizing, or other minimal changes won’t cut it. Ask yourself whether the photographer of the original photo would easily identify their work in your image. Have you transformed it enough to “make it your own” creative work, albeit being built on an Unsplash photo?

Like any good creative work, these updates and modifications can’t have been done by automated means. This has to reflect your creative process, not a script that applies an automated treatment to the Photo.

Examples of significantly modified images

Examples of images that have not been significantly modified
Below, left to right: Overlaying text, filter applied and composite moon added, cropped image.

We do not offer a license that enables the selling of the images, or as prints and printed on products. You could however try reaching out the the photographer directly to discuss this. Should you wish to contact a photographer, you can do so via the ‘message’ button on their profile, if they have chosen to enable this feature.

Please note, you will need to have an Unsplash account, and be logged in to access this feature.

We are unable to advise on individual image usage cases. If you still aren’t sure, you should probably talk to a lawyer who knows about these things.

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