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3D quality guidelines

Quality guidelines for 3D content submitted to Unsplash+

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Attention to detail

If the composition is realistic, it's good to pay attention to details, for example scale, reflections and believability of the scene.


When using 3D characters, make sure they're posed naturally and creatively.


Avoid banding and compression.

Depth of field / focus

  1. Avoid excessively shallow depth of field.

  2. Make sure the main subject is in focus.

  3. Use full focus when uncomfortable with a shallow depth of field setting / Use full focus alternatively.

Excessive noise / over-smoothing

  1. Avoid excessive noise and over-smoothing.

  2. Use Denoise carefully.

  3. Use production-level rendering methods.

Repetition and simulations

Avoid simple repetition of 3D assets.

Or Make sure that the repetition projects are used for up to 10% of images submitted to the brief.

This technique can also be used very creatively.


Ensure renders are not duplicates or similar to existing content that you have submitted to Unsplash.


Avoid use of text wherever possible.

Usage of assets

Avoid using isolated models on simple backgrounds. When using second-party assets, ensure they're a detail in the scene and not the main subject.

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