Unsplash+ Shoot Checklist
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Here is a quick checklist you can use to prepare for your upcoming photoshoots.

  1. Before you prepare your shoot, carefully read the Unsplash+ Submission Guidelines.

  2. Review your chosen brief carefully, look at the keywords and decide what you want to shoot.

  3. Create a shot list of what you want to capture.

  4. Find a location to shoot, remember to get signed permission from the property owner.

  5. If the concept requires models, find someone to be in your photos. Remember to get signed permission from the people in your photos.

  6. Once your scene is set, scan the environment and remove anything in the frame that could be a potential copyright issue. Remove any artwork, books, computer logos, etc from the frame. This will avoid any retouching later on!

  7. Make sure your models are wearing unbranded clothes (including shoes).

  8. On shoot day, remember to shoot a variety of angles and compositions.

  9. Curate your shoot to a set of 50 images or less. Follow our curation guidelines here.

  10. Retouch your images following our Editing Guidelines.

  11. Remove any brand logos or trademarks from the images. Read about commonly missed copyright issues here.

  12. Organize your model or property releases so you can submit all your images & pdf at the same time.

  13. Submit your set!

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