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Why did you reject my submission when there are similar images in the library?
Why did you reject my submission when there are similar images in the library?
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We understand that it can be frustrating to have a submission rejected when there might be similar images in the library, wether it’s from you or another contributor. There are several reasons why this might occur.

Quality Control

Our review process has quality control measures in place to ensure that we only accept images that meet our quality guidelines. Even if there are similar images in the library, your submission may have been rejected because it did not meet these standards.


Our goal is to build a diverse range of images in our library and we want to avoid too many similar images. Even if your content is technically different from similar images in the library, it may still be rejected if it doesn’t provide unique value to our customers.

Subjective Decisions

Our team are experts and are able to make subjective decisions based on their interpretation of the image and how it fits into our library. We aim to maintain consistency in our decision making, there may be cases where an image is rejected for subjective reason despite there being similar images in the library

You can read more about how to curate your submission to a set with variety in our help article here.

We appreciate your efforts and the work you are putting in. If you have any other questions about a specific submission, please reach out to

Please note, we won’t discuss other contributors work out of the respect for our community.

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