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What should I do when my submission is rejected?
What should I do when my submission is rejected?
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We are unable to provide individual feedback on rejections for quality issues, if you are looking for more guidance on what types of images we are looking for, have a look at our premium content quality guide here. We will always communicate the needs of the brief in the brief overview, keywords and suggestions listed in each open brief.

Our submissions team carefully reviews every single image in a submission and determines whether or not it is a fit for the library based on quality, usability, lack of similarity, unique locations and models, diversity and customer need.

Our library needs are always changing and evolving based on users needs, research, data, and sometimes trial and error to understand what types of images perform well in the library. We will always do our best to communicate the library needs.

We collaborate as a team and discuss your work in detail when making decisions to ensure we are not missing out on great content. There are a number of reasons why the team would reject a submission, you can see the reasons in your Submissions Dashboard and a description of the reasons in our help article here.

If we review and decide to not accept your content, we ask you to respect our decision.

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