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How to Title, Describe and Tag your content
How to Title, Describe and Tag your content

Learn how to successfully annotate different aspects of your content and maximize your content's searchability

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Titles and Descriptions

The title and description help customers understand the context of your work once online. Customers also use the title and description for accurate and relevant insight into what they are seeing.


The title should be a short description of what is visible in your image. Don't add every detail; only include what is immediately relevant and most helpful to customers.

Example title: A couple of men playing a game of basketball


If displayed on the site, customers use this field to find additional details that give context to your work. You may consider adding cultural, regional, or location specific details that help customers understand the story behind your work. If not displayed on the site, the description information is still relevant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Example description: A team of young professionals collaborating on a project in a brightly sunlit office space with large windows

Because your title and description describe what customers are seeing, they can be good sources for finding words that visually represent your content but may have been missed in the tag field. Be sure tags are added to represent all visually relevant information.

Applying the right tags


What do you see?

Action: Smiling, Eyes Closed, Touching Foreheads, Colourful hair, Faces, Side Profile


Number of People: Two People

Gender: Man, Woman*

*Always ask the person in your photos how they identify, in order to give the correct tags for the people in your photo. Avoid tagging a gender if you aren't sure.

Important Details

Emotions: Love, Togetherness, Happiness, Tenderness

Concepts: Connection, Bonding

Clothing or Appearance: Colourful hair, Fashion, Style, Colourful makeup

Setting: In studio, Orange backdrop


What do you see?

Specific Animal: Brown Bear

Action: Looking at camera, Standing still

Important details

Setting: Lush green field, Close up, Nature

Appearance: Brown fur, Green field

Concepts: Wildlife, Nature, Wallpaper, Close up


What do you see?

Items are in the shot: Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone*, Notepad, Pen, Coffee, Office Chair

*Brand names may not be applied to content, even if they appear as suggestions. Add generic terms instead (e.g., Smart Phone, Digital Tablet, Compact Car).

Important Details

Appearance: Tabletop, Furniture, Office setting, Clean desk, Sunlight

Concepts: Remote Working, Interior Design, Business, Organization, Office Life

Image type: 3D render, 3D art, Digital Render


Where was this picture taken?

Where: San Francisco, California, United States, Outside, Waterfront

When: Sunset, Sunrise, Dawn, Magic Hour

What do you see?: Golden Gate Bridge, Landmark, Water, Mountain, Bridge

Important details

Appearance: Pastel Sky, Soft Colours, Low Angle View, Serene

All Together

Title: Young women having fun at a pool party

Description: A group of young women cheers-ing their drinks on the edge of the pool on a summers day; laughing, smiling and having fun


People: Young Adults, Women, Girls

Concepts: Joy, Having Fun, Happiness, Beautiful Women, Body Positive, Real People, Keeping Company, Hanging Out, Spending time, Friendship, Partying, Leisure

Objects: Pool, Drinks, Clothing, Fashion, Sunshine, Shorts, Bathing Suits,

Setting: Outdoors, Day time, Poolside

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