Step 1. Get Ready to Upload!

Go to the brief page

Step 2. Select a brief

Step 3. Upload your images

If you have a model or property release follow step 4, if not, continue to step 5.

Step 4. Model or Property Releases

Add your property or model release using our release uploader. Attach all your model and property releases for the batch of images you just uploaded.

Step 5. Congrats you’ve uploaded!

Your photos have been successfully added. The team will review your images.

So you’ve submitted photos, now what can you expect?

Your photos will have to go through a review to make sure they are:

  • Following the submission guidelines

  • Don’t have any IP/logo issues on the photos

  • The model or property releases have been filled out correctly

  • The quality is in line with Unsplash+

Once the checks are done, you’ll either receive a Revisions email or an Approved email.

Revisions: In your email, we’ll send you revisions that need to be made to your images in order for them to be approved. You’ll need to resubmit these revised images back through the brief.

Approval: Great job! You have approved photos! We’ll let you know how many images have been approved at the end of each month to begin the payment process.

Step 6. Get Paid on a Monthly Basis

On the 1st of every month, you will receive a statement with the total payment for accepted images for the previous month.

You’ll be required to submit your contact and banking information, and your preferred payment method, in order to be paid.

Any questions about submitting to Unsplash+?

Check out the Unsplash+ Contributor FAQ!

For additional questions, please email us at

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