What is the payment structure?

How payment works for Unsplash+

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The payment is on a per-image basis and priced based on the complexity of the brief (if it requires models and/or property releases). For example, if the brief price is $10 USD per image and Unsplash accepts 50 images from the content you submit, then you would receive $500 USD. Rates for images will range, on average, between $10 - $50 an image.

The set price per image will vary depending on complexity, quality, usability, lack of similarity, released (vs unreleased), number of models, unique locations, diversity and customer need.

The price per image range can be found at the top of each brief. By submitting to the brief, you agree to accept at least the minimum price per image.

Your images are generally reviewed within 1-2 weeks of being submitted and if accepted, you will receive payment the following month. If you have any questions about how to access your payment statements, please email plus@unsplash.com

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