How do I become an Unsplash+ contributor?

The steps in becoming an Unsplash+ contributor

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Shooting for Unsplash+ is by application only and everyone is welcome to apply. You don’t have to have submitted to the open library to apply as an Unsplash+ contributor.


We are looking for people with creative ideas, originality, an eye for detail and a commitment to producing exceptional quality imagery.

We welcome both professional and hobbyists to apply and we will provide resources on releases and intellectual property considerations to get you started on your Unsplash+ content creation journey.

What happens after I apply?

Only those with accepted applications have access to see the briefs, can submit images to Unsplash+, and be eligible for payment.

Once your application is accepted, you will also need to agree to the Unsplash+ artist supply agreement, which covers important details about your relationship with Unsplash and your responsibilities as an Unsplash+ contributor.

Where is the application?

You can apply to be an Unsplash+ contributor here.

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