Users can say a monetary thank you to contributors, via a PayPal link, directly on your Unsplash profile. Please note, this is optional and we cannot guarantee donations will be made.

How to set up PayPal donations on you Unsplash account

Step 1: On your Unsplash profile, click ‘Edit Profile’

Step 2: Scroll down to the new “Donations” section

Step 3: Add your PayPal email for donations (please note: this email will be visible to public).


Please do not add mandatory donation requests in bios or image descriptions.

Full Community Guidelines can be found here.

Unsplash does not receive a percentage of donations.


The PayPal email that you use will be made public.

Unsplash does not see details of donations you receive.

PayPal Support

Support for sending and receiving money on PayPal can be found here

Please note, we cannot provide support for PayPal matters.

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