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General Information

When did Getty Images officially acquire Unsplash?

March 30, 2021.

Why did Getty Images acquire Unsplash?

Getty Images sees the opportunity to service more of the expanding creative community. Most of what they currently do could be considered servicing enterprise customers. With the acquisition of Unsplash, they now can support the entire spectrum of visual needs for all creators -- from individuals, to professionals, to small businesses, and big publishers.

Will anything change because of the acquisition?

Unsplash will continue operating as we have been with the same team, the same site, the same community. Unsplash images will continue to be free.

Does this change the Unsplash license?

No, the Unsplash License remains unchanged.

Will Unsplash continue to be free?


Who can I contact if I have questions?

We’re here should you have any questions. Please feel free to reach out via support@unsplash.com or in our Slack community.

Contributor Questions

Are my images still under the Unsplash License?


Does the acquisition benefit contributors? If so, how?

We see the potential to accelerate opportunities for contributors and provide resources for initiatives like Unsplash Hire.

Will anything change on my account on Unsplash?

No. There will be no changes to your Unsplash account.

Will my images live on Getty Images platform as well?


Does Getty Images own my photos now?

No. Just as before, whatever you've uploaded or upload in the future is not owned by Getty Images nor Unsplash.

Company Operations

Has anything changed on the team at Unsplash?

No. Everyone on the Unsplash team is continuing to work on Unsplash as we were before.

Will Unsplash remain an independent brand?


For any further questions please contact support@unsplash.com.

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