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Unsplash Hire

Information and frequently asked questions on Unsplash Hire

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As a contributor, how do I enable/disable the Hire button?

Go to the Hire Settings and toggle the checkbox for displaying the ‘Hire’ button on your profile. Note that this setting is separate from the ‘Message’ button, which is configured from your Account Settings.

Where do Hire messages get sent?

Messages are analyzed by our spam detection system and sent to the email address associated with your Unsplash account. To change the destination, update your email address in your Account Settings.

Is Unsplash Hire available in all countries?

Unsplash Hire is available for photographers and clients in all countries. However certain features, like the ability to appear on country and city specific landing pages will only be available initially for certain locations. As we roll out Unsplash Hire to more locations, we’ll prioritize places that are requested from the ‘Request a city’ link on the Hire Settings.

How does Unsplash Hire relate to the Unsplash for Brands advertisements?

Unsplash Hire is separate from Unsplash for Brands, though both can provide paid opportunities for contributors.

With Unsplash for Brands, we work more closely with select brands and contributors to scope, plan, shoot, and facilitate payment for branded photography used in Unsplash advertising campaigns.

With Unsplash Hire, clients can hire Unsplash photographers, but the scoping, planning, shoots, and payment are all handled by the contributor and client directly.

Future consideration for Unsplash for Brands opportunities will be given to long term, frequent, or specialized contributors who are also successful with their Unsplash Hire clients.

How do the cities and types of photography in the Hire settings work?

The cities and types of photography listed in the Hire Settings will be used to generate landing pages and for a search system. Photographers are expected to be able to service the locations they list and have examples of their listed types of photography on their Unsplash profile.

Is Unsplash Hire only for professional photographers?

Unsplash Hire can be used by photographers of all experiences. However, if you’re listing yourself for hire, your profile should reflect your current abilities and specialties to make it clear to clients your skill level and experience.

How do I get more opportunities through Unsplash Hire?

While we continue to build out Unsplash Hire, opportunities may be limited, as like any product, it takes time to build up the awareness and demand from the market. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being hired:

  • list yourself only for the types of photography and locations you are confident you can excel at

  • landing page listings will prioritize contributors with relevant photos on Unsplash. Strong content on Unsplash can translate into being listed above others, leading to more potential opportunities

Does Unsplash make any commission from introductions?

No, Unsplash does not make any commission or fee from introducing clients to photographers. We operate Unsplash Hire as a benefit for all Unsplash contributors.

How can I report issues or spam?

We’re always updating our spam detection systems to try to only send high quality opportunities. If you receive an unwanted email, please forward it to for our team to investigate.

How much should I charge?

How you work and how much you charge is completely up to you. You can set your own rates and manage the incoming opportunities as you like.

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