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How Visual Search works on Unsplash

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Visual Search (can be known as "Reverse image search" on other platforms) helps you find visually similar images on Unsplash.

You can access the Visual Search tool by clicking the Visual Search icon in the search bar.

From this popover, you can conduct a visual search by:

  • Dragging and dropping / uploading an image

  • Entering an image URL from the web

  • Find visually similar images
    Almost the same image but with contextually related content to the sample one.

  • Find the original source of images
    Search to see if a specific image is from Unsplash in order to give proper credit or to simply find more information about the image.

  • Identify people, places or objects in the photo


Visual search results are based on a machine learning algorithm. In short, our Visual Search tries to understand what is relevant in the sample image and sorts results according to relevance.

Please note, some results might look off and we apologize in advance. We invite you to report inaccurate results so that we can tweak and improve our algorithm.


We do not share or sell any of the photos that you upload to our Visual Search tool. So you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

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