Where to find your stats
To view your stats, login to your account and select 'Stats' on your profile page. This is located by Photos, Likes and Collections.

Your stats are only visible to you.

How often are stats updated?

Expect stats to be updated more or less every hour.

What constitutes a view / a download?
A view is counter whenever a resource (like a browser) loads the photo to show it on the webpage/app. 

A download is whenever the photo is downloaded on disk (actual download or could be to set it as a wallpaper in a 3rd party app, as a header for a medium article etc …)

Why aren’t my stats showing up?
We’re slowly rolling out the new stats page to everyone. Your page will be updated within the next week. 

Why are specific applications showing up in my Top Features section?
Unsplash has integrated with over 1000 products like Buzzfeed, Squarespace and Trello to make the library — and your images — more widely accessible than ever. You can learn more about our API partnerships here

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