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Creative Guidelines and Tips for Branded Content
Creative Guidelines and Tips for Branded Content

Tips from our team to get the most out of your branded content on Unsplash.

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Be authentic. Content that feels natural performs better than heavily staged content. If you're featuring people and products in your photos, make sure that they fit into the scene, looking casual and natural.

Think bigger than just your product. Your imagery will perform best when it captures a feeling, theme, or a topic that you want to be associated with. For example, Harley-Davidson chose to share imagery that features the open road and feelings of exploration and freedom. In doing so, they captured the imagery for not just motorcycles, but also all of the brand associations that they want to be known for.

Focus on utility. Unlike other networks, Unsplash images are being used to communicate. Ultimately, the most popular images are images that convey a message.

For more examples of branded imagery on Unsplash, check out this collection of branded campaigns.

Note: If your account is included in the Unsplash Brand Program, our Editorial Team can help you select images that will perform best on Unsplash.

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