February 2021
In-feed Notifications
A new feature that enables us to sporadically share and promote our own content within feed on the platform. To initially include announcing new features, updates, announcements and Topic callouts.

January 2021

Unsplash Hire Beta

Whether it’s to find the perfect photographer for your event or to create new images for your company’s social media accounts, you can now connect easily on Unsplash.

For contributors, you’ll see new hiring related settings and the ability to enable a ‘Hire’ button on your profile to receive messages related to hiring opportunities.

January 2021

Visual Search

With Visual Search, you simply click the Visual Search icon in the search bar and drop the image or URL into the popup to search for similar visual results.

This can help you:

  • Find the original Unsplash image and photographer
  • Find a similar free Unsplash image from elsewhere on the web

April 2020

Topics 2.0

We've expanded Topics by introducing four new features to unleash Unsplash’s massive distribution ability on even more imagery.

  • Submit directly to a Topic
  • Limited Topics
  • Guest curators
  • New Topics added: History, Athletics, Interiors, and Technology

February 2020

Photographer Stats

A major update to contributors Stats pages. Including:

  • Featured photos
  • Updated charts
  • Top featured applications

January 2020
Pagination in the photo modal
Users can now paginate between photos by using your keyboard’s arrow keys or by clicking the new < and > arrows in the photo modal.

September, 2019
Email confirmation and action limits rolled out
To combat site spam and increase safety, we’ve enabled a one-time step for all accounts that requires accounts to be confirmed via their email to take certain actions, like uploading a photo, creating a collection, or sending a message.

September, 2019
Goodbye approved and searchable states  
All photos that meet the Submission Guidelines will be transitioning over the next few months to be eligible for search. How discoverable they are will depend on how the community interacts with the photos.

At Unsplash we believe in a pressure free community experience, which is why we don’t show ‘like’ or ‘follower’ counts, and this change helps towards this, while also allowing for a better search experience for the community.

Retiring the Manage Photos area
Our product team’s eventual goal is to make it so that when uploading to Unsplash, a photo automatically has any location information, EXIF, and tags populated during the upload stage, saving you time and increasing the number of photos with complete information.

The newly launched quick photo edit modal will contain all of the editing features in the future, which means that we’ll shortly be retiring the Manage Photos area. There are still a few features missing from the edit modal that will be launched shortly, including showing and editing AI tags and showing when a photo is in submission review.

Note: As usual, submissions will be reviewed within 48-36 hours and we’ll continue to send out emails to notify you of Editorial feed promotion.

August, 2019
Edit your photos directly from the website, using the new 'Edit' button which appear to the bottom right side of a photo in single photo view.

5th August, 2019
Above: View your hidden photos directly from your profile page.

August, 2019
Above: Add a description directly from the photo uploader.

August, 2019
Above: Liking and collecting photos features rolled out on the Unsplash iOS app.
When you view a photo in full screen, press the heart button to like it, and press the plus-shaped button to collect it. On iPhone, you can also press and hold on a photo in any list of photos, and three buttons will show up so you can either like, collect, and download the photo (or all three!). 

You need to have an account to like and collect photos. But don't worry, you'll be prompted to sign up or log in when you try perform any of these new actions. 

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