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When you download a photo from Unsplash, you get a license under that photographer’s copyrights which permits you to broadly use the photo without attribution or compensation to the photographer. This is why we say that they are free to use. When Unsplash photographers upload a photo, they agree they have the proper releases, ownership, and permissions needed to permit Unsplash users to use the photo freely. It is possible, however, that the use of some photos require the permission of someone else. For example, if a photo depicts a brand in it, or another copyrighted work (like a work of art, for example), you may need that brand or copyright owner’s permission if you use the photo in certain ways. Similarly, if there’s an identifiable person in the photo, you may need his or her permission before you can use the photo in certain ways.    
Though we ask all photographers to confirm that they have all the rights needed to provide their photos to use and distribute freely to Unsplash users, you are solely responsible to ensure that your use of the photos does not violate or infringe third parties’ rights, such as brand owners or individuals depicted in the photos, and obtain any necessary permissions from these third parties. When in doubt, it’s best to ask.

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