We do not upload photos uploaded by Unsplash photographers to any other website. The Unsplash API does distribute photos for integrations with select websites like Trello, Invision, Naver, and Weebly. However, these integrations require attribution and have been officially approved by Unsplash based on type of use.

There are some websites that scrape content from Unsplash and re-upload it to their own platforms. We don’t support these activities because they go against the spirit of the Unsplash community.

Here’s more on the reason why websites that scrape content, duplicate Unsplash, and create false user accounts without permission go against the values of the Unsplash community. We don’t maintain these libraries so we have no control of any licensing issues associated with Unsplash photos. The best thing to do is to always download Unsplash photos from Unsplash.com or Unsplash-owned properties.

Should you find an Unsplash photo on another stock photo site, please contact our Support team so we can continue supporting and empowering the Unsplash contributors.

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