Removing your Photo

How to delete a photo from your Unsplash account.

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To edit a photo, log in to your account and visit the photo you wish to edit.

Click the 'Edit' button located beneath the image, on the right hand side.

This opens an editor that enables you to:

  • Add description to your photo

  • Change or update the location

  • Submit additional tags

  • Add or modify the EXIF information

  • Change the visibility of your photo

  • Delete your photo

The delete your photo, select the 'Settings' tab and select 'I'd like to delete this photo'.

Please note

When a photo is deleted from Unsplash, we will do everything we can to prevent its further distribution, including preventing it from being viewed and downloaded through Unsplash. However, the Unsplash License is irrevocable, so copies of the photo that were downloaded before deletion may still be used.

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