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Likes are simple way to show a photographer that you appreciate, or ’like‘, their photos. The ‘Likes’ feature is available to users of Unsplash who have an account. Photos you ‘like’ are saved to a feed, accessible from your profile, to return to visit and enjoy anytime.

Photographers can see who likes their photos in their notifications. By liking a photo you are giving a sign of appreciation for the photo, and the photographer. Photographers that feel appreciated and valued are more likely to share further photos, so it’s a positive action for the community as a whole.

To like a photo, hover over the photo and click the heart icon. Once you have liked the photo, the like box will turn red. To unlike a photo, simply click the red like box.

The numerical counter for 'Likes' has now been deprecated, as the number of likes underrepresent the actual impact of photos featured on Unsplash. And so we thought it was best to put less emphasis on Likes (which used to be the only visible numeral value).

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