Why were ‘Topics’ created?

To offer a new browsing experience around topics that are most relevant to our viewers.

How were the Topic categories and photos selected?

The editorial team at Unsplash chose the topics based on popular search categories and curated the photos most relevant to the topics.

How often will the Topics be updated with new content?

The editorial team will be continuously updating the topics feeds with fresh new photos.

Will new Topics be introduced in the future?

Yes, we will be introducing new topics in the future, but for right now we are starting with 15 we have now.

What’s the difference between Topics and Collections?

Topics are categorized feeds curated by the Unpslash editorial team. The purpose of Topics is to have a deeper discovery to the various styles and uses for Unsplash photography. Future versions of Topics may include new topics, making it possible to directly submit to a topic, and opening it for everyone in the community to curate their own topic.

Collections are ways to save and order photos on Unsplash. Many people use collections to save photos for future use or for inspiration. Collections can be set to either public (visible by all) or private (visible to just you). There are three types of collections: Regular, Featured and Curated.

Can I submit to specific topics?

In the future, you may be able to directly submit to a topic, however not for this version of Topics.

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