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Crediting Photographers
Crediting Photographers

How to credit photographers

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Unsplash wouldn’t exist without our community of generous photographers and we’d love it if you could give them a shout out. We know it’s not always possible to credit a photographer, but it’s much appreciated when it’s possible.

You can either link directly to the photo’s URL (click on the photo and copy the link from the address bar) or the photographer’s profile (click their name and copy the link). If you’ve downloaded a photo and forgot who took it, their name is in the filename. Just use our search to find them again.

Here are some easy ways to do it online:


If you paste the Unsplash photo link directly in your post, Facebook will handle everything for you. If you’re uploading a photo that you’ve downloaded (which will give you a nice thumbnail) just paste “Photo by” into the text box.


Twitter is similar to Facebook. You can just paste in the photo link and let Twitter do the rest.

If you’re uploading the photo and have characters to spare, you can use something like “📷 by” (links will be automatically shortened).


On Instagram, feel free to paste “Photo by” right in the caption. It won’t link out, but if you’re feeling extra generous there’s always the old “link in bio” trick.


On Medium you can either paste in the link or upload the photo and add the photographer’s name (linking to their profile) in the caption.


Pinterest will link out, but it’s nice to add a “photo by name” line. You don’t need to include the link in the caption since Pinterest will do that automatically.

Your Website

During our last #MakeDay, our teammate, Oliver Ash created a simple way to add credit to the photographer. Click the “Give credit” button in the lower right corner of any photo and we’ll give you the HTML to add to your site.

When you download a photo you will notice a small ‘Say Thanks’ pop up box. This gives a handy ready-made option to credit the photographer using code that you can copy.

If embedding credit is not possible or preferred, a simple ‘Photo by photographer-name’ is very much appreciated.

You might find this helpful: How to Add HTML Embed Codes to Your Website.

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